About Mediation

What if you could resolve a dispute without filing suit? What if you could save a great deal of money, time, and aggravation, but get a known result? What if you could communicate in ways not before possible? Welcome to Mediation: a time-honored, effective, and satisfying way to end conflict. Mediation brings the opportunity to settle your claims and avoid the high risks and costs of court action. Even if you are embroiled in a lawsuit, mediating your case can help you get perspective, keep control, and find resolution before you and your money are exhausted. A trained, experienced mediator will help parties view their dispute as a problem to be solved, not a fight to be won.

Why It Works

Mediation works because you get to control the result. You cannot be compelled to reach agreement and you always have the option to take your case to court.

Mediation is:

    • Voluntary
    • Confidential
    • Less costly
    • Less stressful
    • Less risky
    • Aided by a trained neutral
    • Not decided by a jury or judge


About Sayre

Sayre Macneil is a trained mediator and lawyer with 25 years of experience in the field of dispute resolution. As a former trial attorney he knows the anatomy of a lawsuit. As a mediator he understands the dynamics of conflict. Sayre uses insight, understanding, empathy and perspective to help parties communicate and reach common ground.

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